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List of Under Secretary
S NoOfficer NameDate Of BirthPlace Of PostingView Property Statement
1 Javaid Ahmad Reshi 08 Apr 1962(I/c Deputy Secretary) to Government, Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
2 Umesh Sharma 19 Feb 1968(I/c Deputy Secretary) to the Government, Home Department
3 Mohammad Yaqub Malik (RBA) 23 Mar 1962(I/c Deputy Secretary)to the Government, Home Department
4 Ishtaq Ahmad Bhat 13 Mar 1964(I/c Deputy Secretary) to Government, Science and Technology Department
5 Ms. Asifa Jan 01 Jan 1963Under Secretary to the Government, Cooperative Department
6 Iftikhar Rasool Hamdani 02 Jan 1963Under Secretary to the Government, J&K Public Service Commission
7 Arun Kumar Bajaj 02 Jul 1960Administrative Officer in the Civil Aviation Department
8 Naseema Akhter (RBA) 20 Apr 1966Under Secretary to the Government, Public Works (R&B) Department
9 Mohammad Yaseen Baqal 20 Mar 1964Under Secretary to the Government, PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Department
10 Nissar Ahmad 06 Mar 1961Under Secretary to the Government, Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment
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