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Accord of Prosecution Sanction by GAD (Vig.) for the year  2019
S NoFIR NumberAccused DetailAllegationsAction Taken(Sanction issued vide G.O. Nos.)Remarks
101/2018 P/S VOKNazir Ahmad Bhat MPW BDO Office ShopianDemand and accepting illegal gratification01-GAD(Vig) of 2019 04-01-2019 
211/2010 P/S Crime Branch, Kashmir.Abdul Rashid Mir BDO BDO Office, KhansahibMisuse of Official Position 03-GAD(Vig) of 2019 11-01-2019 
311/2010 P/S Crime Branch, KashmirMohammad Sharief Wani Panchayat Secretary BDO Office, KhansahibMisuse of Official Position03-GAD(Vig) of 2019 11-01-2019 
415/2015 P/S VOKMohammad Shafi Wagay Head Constable Police Station PanthaChowkTrap Case06-GAD(Vig) of 2019 11-02-2019 
513/2014 P/S VOKMohammad Ayoub Bhat then Patwari Halqa Midoora TralMisuse of official position09-GAD(Vig) of 2019 07-03-2019 
613/2012 P/S VOKChet Singh then Junior Assistant BDO office DrabshallaMisappropriation of funds10-GAD(Vig) of 2019 18-03-2019 
734/2018 P/S VOJJagdeep Singh then Junior Stenographer, PA to SE Chief Engineer Office, PWD JammuTrap Case12-GAD(Vig) of 2019 02-04-2019 
853/2015 P/S VOKShah Sikander Khan then Enforcement Officer LAWDAMisuse of official position13-GAD(Vig) of 2019 08-04-2019 
906/2015 P/S VOKTanveer Ahmad Dar then AE Sub-Division B.K.Pora Sub-Division B.K.PoraMisappropriation of Funds16-GAD(Vig) of 2019 13-05-2019 
 -do-Tariq Ahmad Sheikh then Technical Assistant MGNREGA Sub-Division B.K.Pora-do--do- 
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