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List of Circulars

Order SubjectOrder No & DateDepartment
Submission of Study Leave Cases to the General Administration Department-Instruction thereof 47 Cir Dt 04/12/2018General Administration Department
Establishment of Winter Secretariat at Srinagar Cir 45 Dt 06/11/2018General Administration Department
Enhancement in working hours in the Government Offices of the State Cir 44 Dt 25/10/2018General Administration Department
Details of Junior Scale KAS officers for considering their appointment to the Time Scale of the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Service Cir 43 Dt 23/10/2018General Administration Department
Conduct of Panchayat Elections-2018 42 Cir Dt 22/10/2018General Administration Department
Extension for enrolment of pensioners who desire to opt for the Group Mediclaim lnsurance Policy-Roll out date for implementation of policy by M/S Reliance General lnsurance Company Ltd thereof 06 Cir Dt 19/10/2018Finance Department
Guidelines for Publication of tenders of importance in local and National News Papers for works and procurement of stores/stock/services for Government Departments viz-a-viz modification thereof Cir FD Dt 28/09/2018Finance Department
Elections to the Municipal Bodies-2018 Cir 41 Dt 27/09/2018General Administration Department
Jammu and Kashmir Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy for Employees and Pensioners Cir Finance Dt 25/09/2018General Administration Department
Submission of Medical Reimbursement Claim Cases to the General Administration Department for obtaining approval of the competent authority-Checklist thereof 40 Cir Dt 20/09/2018General Administration Department
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