Scheme for voting by postal ballot by a person holding any office under the Government and verified to be moving along with the headquarters of Government from Kashmir Province to Jammu Province or vice versa    Download the Interview Call Letter for the post of Class IV in the JK Secretariat Subordinate Service    Interview of the candidates shortlisted for the post of Class-IV advertised vide Advertisement Notice No 01-GAD of 2014 dated 27 06 2014.    Guidelines regarding reconstruction/rebuilding of official Records/Service Records damaged/destroyed due to recent floods in the State during 2014    Resumption of duties by the Government employees    Contribution of one days salary towards the Chief Ministers Flood Relief Fund for providing relief to the victims of the flood disaster    Donations to the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Flood Relief Fund can be made at the Chief Ministers Flood Relief Fund J and K Bank branch Moving Secretariat Account No. 00110040100001275-IFSC code - JAKA0MOVING Home | | Contact Us
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