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J & K Public Service Guarantee Act

1 PGS/J & K-Public-Services-Guarantee-Act,2011
2 J & K Public Service Guarantee Rules, 2011
3 Specimen Forms for maintenance of records
4 Notified Services

(SRO 224 of 2011)
(SRO 229 of 2012)
(SRO 356 of 2012)
(SRO 428 of 2012)
(SRO 400 of 2013)
(SRO 493 of 2017)
(SRO 494 of 2017)
(SRO 467 of 2018)

5 Circulars
6 Right to Service is Now Your Right
7 Minutes of meeting regardingimplementation of the Act:
8 Nodal Officers for implementationof the Act
9 Check List of documentsto be attached with the application by the applicants for availing different services
10 Establishment of the Public Service Management Cell in the General Administrative Department